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Achilles First Point Supply Base | Accredited Supplier

December 17th, 2015

MAK Water is proud to announce we have attained full accreditation as a supplier on the Achilles First Point Supply Base (FPS). Achilles specialises in creating and delivering supplier intelligence portals that are used by the world’s biggest oil and gas companies to pre-qualify, risk assess, risk manage, benchmark and optimise their supplier base.
Achieving accreditation further emphasises MAK Waters capabilities in the oil & gas sector and a continued commitment to supporting the industry long term.

MAK Water are a registered supplier in the Achilles FPS database for the following equipment and services:

1.11.1: Mechanical Separators, Tumblers Chlorinators, Hydrocyclones, Scrubbers and Accessories
1.11.2: Regenerative / Non-Regenerative Filters, Strainers and Accessories
1.11.5: Fresh Water Treatment / Desalination Systems and Accessories
1.17.1: Waste Water Disposal / Recovery Equipment
1.17.98: Other Waste Disposal / Recovery Equipment
1.4.10: Pump Skid
3.1.10: Waste Water Treatment Services