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Interesting Design Features of MAK Water’s Sewage Treatment Plants

December 12th, 2017

Sewage, not a topic likely to come up in conversation at the table over Christmas dinner this year. However, MAK Water is talking sewage plants year-round from Australia Day all the way back around to Christmas, and with good reason!
MAK Water’s sewage treatment plants are jam-packed with interesting design features that allow you to treat sewage to a level suitable for compliant discharge or for reuse.

The list below illustrates the top 3 interesting design features of MAK Water’s Sewage Treatment Plants and how they can benefit you.



  1. Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Bioreactor

MAK Water’s latest innovation in packaged sewage treatment plant design incorporates a bioreactor tank that is fabricated of corrosion resistant FRP. Bioreactors fabricated from steel or plastic lined containers are inferior in comparison as the antiquated design is susceptible to rust and premature failure and can be expensive and/or difficult to maintain or repair if damaged. Our packaged sewage treatment plants are factory assembled in WA, and undergo FAT before leaving our workshop.


  1. Remote Monitored Via ClearAccess™

Your plant can be fitted with our exclusive software system, ClearAccess™ The remote monitoring system is comprised of online monitoring, analysis and control tools for your Water Treatment Plant. This allows our service department to action immediately any plant anomalies to prevent unnecessary shutdowns. The smart system keeps operators informed of potential issues in real-time which gives facility managers peace of mind knowing they have reliable monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also analyses performance trends, to proactively identify issues well before they can develop, further improving both the reliability and the performance of your Water Treatment System.
MAK Water’s ClearAccess™ gives you new ways of interacting with your system knowing that you can count on your system to take care of itself, and alert you if your attention is needed.


  1. Transportable by Sea, Road and Rail

For continued convenience our FRP bioreactor tanks are designed to fit into a 40’ shipping container. This allows your plant to travel as general purpose cargo on a conventional container vessel, for cost effective shipping by Road or Rail or anywhere in the world by Sea.



MAK Water works collaboratively with each client to review site specific requirements and define the best treatment process in order to ensure regulations and client objectives are met. Whatever the requirement is, we have a solution ready to implement.

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