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A motorboat club in country Victoria was having issues with their non-MAK Water Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that is used for grey and raw sewage treatment for sub surface irrigation. Poor initial design of the control system and reliability had rendered the plant electrically and mechanically unworkable. The result was a system that was constantly full and was producing odour that affected the club members and neighbouring properties.

The motorboat club approached MAK Water to carry out an assessment and provide a plan to upgrade the controls and make process design changes as required. MAK Water was selected as the preferred contractor because of its history of working with all types of sewage treatment technologies, and the ability to act quickly to any issues with the plant.


Stage 1

MAK Water was engaged to build and replace the control system, and incorporate remote monitoring/control of the system. This involved writing a control philosophy and HMI interface routine and fabricating a turnkey cabinet for a quick changeover of the system on site.

Stage 2

Was a gradual replacement of sections of the plant field wiring and components to maximise its performance.


  • Fast turnaround. Efficient “In house” design and build achieved a quick turnaround for MAK Water to meet the client’s needs
  • High quality. Expertise in designing and executing repair works on the non-MAK plant
  • Continual operation. The plant is now running continually without failures
  • No odour. The plant is now odour free to the joy of people in the area
  • Training. Process training of the clubs committee to better understand the operation and maintenance requirements of the STP