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UV Disinfection (UVD)


South Australia


As part of a major upgrade to the Christies Beach WWTP in 2011-12, an in-channel Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system was installed to disinfect the secondary treated effluent from the C-Plant submerged membrane bioreactors. Treated water exiting the UV disinfection plant is discharged to an off-site reuse scheme or discharged to a marine environment, and reticulated for onsite reuse.

The C3500D UV system supplied by Calgon Carbon UV Technologies, was selected for the project.


Design features

  • UV system consists of three parallel channels; two to treat the design flow and a third channel for standby providing 50% redundancy.
  • UV system consists of 240 low pressure high output lamps, configured into two banks of forty lamps per channel.
  • UV system is designed to be expandable for higher flows at lower UVT in future.

Design specifications include

  • Design flow of 720 L/s, Future design flow 860 L/s
  • Minimum UV Transmittance of 60%, Future minimum UVT of 55%


  • Performance & Efficiency. Incorporates Delta Wing mixing device that is designed to provide exceptional hydraulic and germicidal efficiency.
  • Lower maintenance cost. Uses the highest power low pressure horizontal lamps available, which means the system will have fewer lamps, resulting in less maintenance.
  • Compliance. Validated according to NWRI guidelines using bio-assay to assure the performance at design conditions.