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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO)




A large correctional facility in Queensland was looking at options to reduce water consumption as a result of prolonged drought conditions. Using Class A+ recycled effluent in their laundry and cooling towers was identified as a practical solution to reduce the environmental footprint rather than the existing process of dispersing it to a spray field. MAK Water was invited to competitively tender and was subsequently awarded the project.


MAK Water designed, supplied and commissioned a packaged 200 m3/day Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to supply the laundry followed by a packaged 100 m3/day Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) plant to improve the Class A+ water quality to an acceptable level for re-use in cooling towers and laundry.


  • HAZOP, safety in design, operability and constructability studies
  • Detailed 3D modelling for human factors engineering
  • Premium instrumentation and remote monitoring
  • Turn-key supply package with MAK Water designing, building, installing and commissioning the plants


  • Packaged inlet screw screen in tank in stainless steel, with Integrated screenings washing and compaction and discharge fitted with automatic bagging system to contain odours
  • Corrosion resistant fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) bioreactor with internal plant room providing 20+ year plant design life
  • Duty/ standby arrangement for all process essential equipment
  • Validated UV disinfection
  • Containerised ancillary equipment and control system


  • Two stage brackish water reverse osmosis
  • Containerised (1 x 20’) with non-slip floor, air conditioning and access door
  • High level of instrumentation with online monitoring of conductivity, pH, flow and pressure


  • Safe, compliant effluent. Membranes provide a physical barrier to viruses and pathogens, as well as suspended solids. The disinfection system includes UV, tank chlorine recirculation and online analysers for monitoring of free chlorine, pH and turbidity.
  • Reduced potable water consumption. It makes sense, commercially and environmentally, to reuse treated wastewater for non-potable applications.