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Operation & Maintenance for Immigration Facility

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)


Western Australia


One of the world’s leading provider of border control and immigration services was having problems with its Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The plant was running unreliably, using a large amount of chemicals, and required a lot of operator input to comply with its environmental license conditions.

MAK Water was asked to review the operation and propose a solution that reduced its ongoing costs and ensured that the treated effluent was compliant prior to discharge.



MAK Water took over operation of the STP from the existing contractor for a period of 3 months to improve operations and compliance. During this period MAK Water trained up the client’s internal resources such that MAK Water could revert to providing technical support remotely and carrying out routine maintenance visits thereafter and thus reduce the operating costs for the plant.


  • Experience in a multitude of water and sewage treatment applications and diverse situations enabled us to troubleshoot, rectify problems and recommend process and reliability solutions.
  • MAK Water provided flexibility in delivering the proper staffing level and required skill set quickly, with less cost and time investment, as well as providing expertise that was not be available within the in-house staff onsite.


  • Our service team and engineers worked closely together to upgrade and stabilize the functionality of the plant to ensure ongoing reliability and compliance.


  • Quick response. MAK Water was able to mobilise to site and short notice to provide suitably skilled operators to take over existing operation of the STP from the outgoing contractor.
  • Lowest total operating cost. MAK Water was able to optimise and reduce chemical usage whilst reducing the operator requirement for the STP by 50%.
  • Compliance. Within a month of MAK Water mobilising to site the STP was producing compliant treated effluent results reliably.