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pH Adjustment


New South Wales


MAK Water was approached by a company reconditioning runways in Sydney to supply a short term solution for a wastewater stream with a very high pH. The company’s processes were creating approximately 20,000L of wastewater every day with a pH >12 that needed to be brought down to neutral prior to disposal.

Due to the short term nature of the job it made sense to hire the equipment from MAK Water’s fleet of hire water treatment equipment rather than buy something.


pH monitoring and automated control dosing unit.


  • Hire water treatment system sourced locally for fast turnaround time
  • Smart controllers used to handle monitoring and dosage
  • Light weight and transportable

Personnel and Environment

  • Reduced operator involvement (automatic system)
  • Large chemical storage options for minimal interruptions
  • Capable of alarm output
  • Continuous online monitoring of pH

Price and support

  • Client financed through operational expenditure - no Capex needed
  • Australian sourced materials and locally built
  • Cost effective treatment of waste water
  • Local support for maintenance and issues


  • Quick response. System was delivered in 10 days from time of order
  • Turnkey solution. Designed and built to meet site and regulatory requirements.
  • Lowest total operating cost. Minimal operator involvement and consumables.
  • Compliance. Ongoing support and maintenance for continued compliance.