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One of the largest intensive animal farmers in Australia needed to source quality drinking water for its livestock, to improve livestock health and improve yields. MAK Water assisted with bore water treatment to produce potable water for their almost 30,000 animals.
MAK Water worked closely with the owner to provide the best possible solution to meet the client’s requirements around RO recovery rate, plant footprint, and delivery schedule.


Custom skid mounted Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) plant to produce potable water from bore water for intensive pig farming.

  • In-house design and manufacture of a custom Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) plant for site-specific bore water high in iron & manganese
  • Multimedia & DMI-65 filtration
  • Automated chemical dosing systems
  • Premium instrumentation package
  • ClearAccess™ remote monitoring for real time monitoring of process data, automatic alerts on alarm conditions, and remote operation
  • Ongoing service agreement with technical support and scheduled site visits by MAK Water Service Team


  • Lowest total operating cost. Plants were designed to minimise operator intervention, reduce reject, and minimise power & chemical consumption
  • Technical support. Expert advice and consultation throughout the design and delivery phases. Service Agreement to provide ongoing technical support, service & maintenance
  • Local. The plant was built in Australia using materials sourced from local suppliers. Providing superior build quality and spare part availability
  • Happy pigs. With clean drinking water, growing healthier, more valuable animals.