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One of Australia’s leading Oil and Gas providers reached out to MAK Water with a unique UV disinfection replacement project for an offshore gas production platform. MAK Water was tasked with delivering a new UV disinfection solution in an existing area with very limited space requiring out-of-the-box thinking in regard to installation and on-going serviceability.
MAK Water designed and manufactured a reliable solution to disinfect the potable water supply in the potable plant room, replacing a very worse-for-wear UV system installed in 1993 which was failing. We worked closely with the client to design a fit for purpose, long-term solution, compliant with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) and rigid offshore engineering specifications.


Duty/Standby vertically mounted UV disinfection system on custom skid arrangement and specialty AS1210 rated custom cartridge filter housings.


  • Custom designed pre-treatment to protect the UV arrangement.
  • 22m³/hr Duty/standby UV system
  • Allow for future servicing and lamp changes in a confined area.
  • Manufactured custom skids to allow for UV tilt during servicing and preventing fouling on overhead services.
  • Site installation and commissioning.
  • Continued servicing and consumables supply.


  • Compliance. Achieves required potable ADWG compliance
  • Technical Support. Expert advice and consultation with all parties throughout the process and ongoing plant service and maintenance by MAK Water
  • Smart water thinking. It took real initiative to assess the situation and design a system with the UV units mounted vertically on hinges, allowing them to tilt for better access. This saves space in an extremely tight existing area and allows for easier maintenance