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Potable water for a correctional facility

Media Filtration

Infrastructure and Urban Development



A correctional facility in North Queensland was looking to upgrade their existing potable water treatment infrastructure. The existing plant was coming to the end of its life, and not adequately treating the variable feed water quality caused by seasonal fluctuations. During the rainy season the feedwater had high turbidity and elevated levels of iron and manganese. MAK Water was engaged through a competitive tender process to design, build, install, commission, and maintain a containerised modular potable water treatment plant.


Multimedia Filtration (MMF) plant to produce 600 m3 per day of filtered water to supply the facility with potable water.


▪ Media filters, control system and pipework all fabricated in MAK Water’s workshop saving installation time on site solution details

▪ Plant included dosing an oxidising chemical followed by a catalytic media designed to remove iron & manganese

▪ Continuous recirculation of the contents of the potable water tank with online monitoring of free chlorine and automated dosing to ensure compliance with Australian drinking water guidelines

▪ Online monitoring of turbidity, pH and free chlorine with ClearAccess™ Remote Monitoring

▪ Air conditioned for protection from tropical operating environment

▪ Plug and play site installation and commissioning

▪ Onsite service and maintenance contract


▪ Plant Reliability. Custom design and quality equipment will provide reliable operation with minimal maintenance

▪ Compliance. Maintains compliance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) and Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) health-based targets for drinking water.