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Effective Maintenance




A logistics provider adjacent to the Port of Brisbane was having issues with repeated breakdowns of their
pre-existing wash pad recycling system. The wash pad was to provide a controlled environment to decontaminate overseas equipment prior to being inspected by customs officials.
The breakdowns resulted in quarantine liquid waste removal at prohibitive prices.

In an effort to reduce costs and align with waste water disposal standards, the logistics provider approached
MAK Water to remedy their issues and take over from the internally led maintenance regime.


MAK Water identified the cause of the breakdown issues and rectified them. These issues included both equipment fixes along with improving operational guidelines and training operations personnel. By implementing these fixes the client was able to save the significant cost of liquid waste removal.

The client also implemented a regular servicing regime with MAK Water. Doing this gives them piece of mind knowing that the original manufacturer is looking after the equipment they designed and built.


  • Peace of mind.  OEM looking after maintenance on this critical piece of equipment. 
  • Cost Saving. Significantly reduced liquid waste disposal costs due to properly maintained equipment running effectively.
  • Training. Operator training to better understand how the system operates.
  • Fast turnaround. Local service technicians available quickly in the event of a breakdown.
  • High quality. Expertise in designing and executing repair works and maintenance.