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Gravity Clarification (GC) and Oil Water Separator (OWS)

Infrastructure and Urban Development

Aldoga, Queensland


To help reduce the spread of weeds, a regional council in northern Queensland has built a wash down facility to help people remove weed seeds, soil and other foreign matter from their vehicles and machines. As potable water supply in the region is already under stress a key driver for this project was to recycle the wastewater created by the wash bay, so the council’s consultant engaged MAK Water to design and construct a suitable wash bay water recycling plant.


MAK Water’s Clearmake™ first flush diversion and water

recycling system was selected for the new wash bay. Working in partnership with the consultant and the construction company, the solution components included:

Water Recycling System

  • Capable of treating 5,000L per hour of wash water
  • Removes silt, seeds, weeds and pests
  • Tertiary filtration and disinfection for reuse back into the wash bay

First Flush Diversion System

  • The first flush diversion system collects the first flush from the wash bay and directs it to the recycling system for treatment.
  • Clean storm water is allowed to flow to the local stormwater system.

remote monitoring via Clearaccess

  • Remotely view and operate the plant on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Real time observation of process data, such as flow rates, pressure and alarm conditions / status messages


  • Lower Operating Costs: Minimal use of potable town water for wash down.
  • Environmental Protection: Protection of the environment from potential imported seeds, weeds and pests.