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Oil Water Separator (OWS)


Multiple sites across Australia


Washdown water at mechanic workshops requires treatment prior to going to trade waste. A large national tyre and auto company who takes their environmental obligations seriously, went through a process to assess the ClearmakeTM Oil Water Separator (OWS) to ensure that it met not only their environmental obligations but also provided long term cost effective, reliable operation. As a result, MAK Water’s ClearmakeTM Oil Water Separators have been installed in multiple sites across the country since 2006.


MAK Water has delivered a series of off-the-shelf oil water separators to handle flow rates from 800L per hour to 4,000L per hour.

Superior Vertical Tube Coalescing (VTC) technology

  • Improved separation via the unique spiral tubes
  • VTC blocks provide optimum flow, serviceability and durability

Efficient Removal of free floating hydrocarbons

  • Removes 95% of oil droplets greater than 10 microns
  • Removes 100% of oil droplets greater than 10 microns


  • Quick response. Off-the-shelf solution ready for shipping within 7 days of order
  • Approved for environmental discharge by local councils. New installations require local council approval for trade waste disposal. The ClearmakeTM  OWSs are approved by local councils across Australia
  • Cost effective solution. By only using high quality components and stainless steel housings ClearmakeTM OWS systems are reliable and cost effective to operate
  • Maintenance support. National service team for ongoing service and support Australia wide guaranteeing ongoing compliance