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Wastewater Treatment Systems Australia

At MAK Water, we operate a hire fleet of Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems in Australia (low and medium risk). These are built to be versatile in several different applications, from 10 m3/day, through to 200 m3/day of standard domestic strength wastewater. Commonly, plants are set up to treat wastewater from accommodation camps/remote communities, tourist resorts and hotels, but can be used in several different applications including industrial water re-use.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

To enable quick and simple site installation of your packaged wastewater treatment plant, plants are installed in sea containers (containerised). Battery limits of the containers are:

  • Effluent inlet nozzle
  • Power (unless power us supplied by a MAK Water generator included as part of a turn-key system)
  • Treated waste discharge nozzle
  • Sludge pump out connection

MAK Water offers hire of wastewater treatment plants with fully turn-key systems including generators, tanks and irrigation/distribution pump sets, which are fully maintained by MAK Water’s service team when installed on site.

Typically hire water and wastewater treatment plants are supplied for short term usage (up to 18 months) or where capital constraints apply. Longer terms can be accommodated through a Build Own Operate (“BOO”) or Build Own Operate and Transfer (“BOOT”) model.

Generally, MAK Water can supply a hire wastewater treatment plant within 2 weeks from receipt of firm commitment, depending on availability at the time of order:

Below is a list of hire wastewater treatment plants held in stock:

Effluent Treatment capacity m3/day Equivalent People (EP) Feed Water Biological Oxygen Demand (mg/l) Feed Water Total Nitrogen (mg/l) Containers Low Risk Treatment Additional containers for Medium risk Treatment
15 45 150~500 < 50 1 x 20′ 1 x 20′
35 100 150~500 < 50 1 x 40′ 1 x 20′
50 150 150~500 < 50 1 x 40′ 1 x 20′
75 220 150~500 < 50 2 x 40′ 1 x 20′
100 300 150~500 < 50 2 x 40′ 1 x 20′
150 450 150~500 < 50 3 x 40′ 1 x 20′
200 600 150~500 < 50 4 x 40′ 1 x 40′

*Where additional water treatment capacity is required units can be added on a modular basis

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Wastewater Treatment Solutions Australia-Wide

MAK Water can design, build and install package water treatment plants that are available for hire across Australia, as well as export internationally. If your business would like a quote about MAK Water’s package wastewater treatment plant, call today on 1300 669 032 or send an online enquiry.