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The Smart Water People

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MAK or not, we have got you covered

June 6th, 2017

Founded in 2003, MAK Water grew from being a maintenance provider for water treatment plants mostly in Western Australia’s mining industry to a full-fledged Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) providing water treatment products and services to a broad range of industries.

After a few years of hands-on experience with the range of equipment and processes available at the time, both good and bad, our customers suggested that since we were effective at lowering their operating costs and improving the reliability of other OEM’s gear, why not build our own… in 2007 we started. In 2009 we expanded into Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) processes as well as water treatment, and today we design and support a very wide range of technologies and solutions for water, wastewater and sewage needs.

Along that journey however MAK Water has never forgotten its roots – we have expanded our service capabilities to now have service teams across Australia. This enables MAK Water to offer local plant support, with back of house mechanical, electrical and in-house process engineering. There are not many of our competitors who can prove an equivalent experienced service footprint across Australia capable of not only supporting MAK Water designs, but also correctly diagnosing and supporting existing plants of any brand.

Recent examples have included:

  • A poorly performing Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in Victoria, whereby a design review and condition assessment revealed a change in the feedwater conditions. MAK Water implemented a minor change to recovery rates, and the plant was back to full design production rates.
  • An imported Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) without local support needing repairs, which MAK Water was quickly capable of sorting out.
  • Upgrade to a Trade Waste Discharge plant to current regulatory requirements. This was performed on an existing (non-MAK Water) equipment by selecting the right components and process changes to provide for the ongoing process compliance needed.
  • Alteration to the chemical regimes of plants, rather than using generic “one-size fits all” products, to purpose designed antiscalants, polymers and coagulants, to ensure optimal plant performance.
  • Ongoing service agreement for a RO plant which was purchased as part of a European delivered production facility, without consideration of how the plant would be supported when it needed some attention. The MAK Water service agreement complements what the local operators can do themselves.

The key to reliability and cost control is to tailor support to our clients’ needs. Field experience, coupled with in-house engineering technical backing ensures MAK Water can genuinely raise of the bar of expertise for your on-site team. MAK Water’s approach is to determine what exists and is available in terms of on-site capability, how critical the plant uptime is to clients’ processes, and then tailor how we can best ensure the right combination of operation, maintenance, spares, remote monitoring, technical review, and breakdown support.

“Run to fail” can be costly, as can be “per manufacturer’s recommendations”. Our approach is to find a smart and responsible middle ground, taking into consideration the above. Our value comes from keeping operating costs low. You may find competitors have cheaper labour rates, but you won’t find better value in lowering overall operating costs.

As the home to The Smart Water People, MAK Water is the team that you can trust to give you the right solution by demonstrating smart and innovative technology ready to be deployed in the right scenario. Our team is not only smart, but also focussed and will go above and beyond to get the right solution for your operation.

For smart water treatment, contact MAK Water on 1300 669 032 to discuss the most appropriate water treatment solution for your business.

Colin Long, MAK Water Eastern Operations Manager