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Gravity Clarification

MAK Water’s, Clearmake™ range of Gravity Clarification (GC) systems are designed to clean water prior to reuse, or discharge to the sewer or the environment. These systems help to minimise the use of potable water or town water supplies while protecting the users and the environment from contaminants in the waste stream. MAK Water’s, Clearmake™ treatment systems are compliant with local Council, DEHP, DAFF + OH&S requirements.

Gravity Clarification is the process of clarifying water by using a flocculant to coagulate the suspended solids into heavier particles which then settle to the bottom of a tank/ clarifier. Different contaminants can have different settling times so Gravity Clarification Systems are designed to suit specific flow rates and factor in parameters such as types of contaminants, volume and surface area.

MAK Water has a range of Clearmake™ Gravity Clarifiers to suit most flow rates, we are also able to custom design a treatment system to suit specific needs and contaminants. Some of the key benefits are very few moving parts, ability to manage continuous flow and capacity to treat a myriad of applications.

MAK Water draws on a successful 20 years experience of designing, installing and commissioning Gravity Clarification systems.

If you have specific requirements, contact us about our custom water clarification systems.