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pH Adjustment – Batched

MAK Water’s pH Adjustment – Batch (PAB) plants are designed to automatically adjust and maintain the pH level of waste water in a batch tank prior to discharge to sewer/ environment or reuse/recycling. The standard treatment process includes a batch tank, a recirculation pump to turn over the contents of the batch tank, a temperature sensor, an inline pH analyser which monitors the pH level and a dosing pump to automatically dose liquid alkali and/or acid. The recirculation pump is also used to discharge the treated water at the end of each batch cycle. Dual chemical dosing pumps (alkali and acid) are available for when the water pH varies to allow for correction of both low and high pH water.

The system components are sized to suit the batch tank and to allow for a 30-60 minute complete batch cycle. Optional equipment upgrades include; a feed pump, bag filter, duty standby recirculation and dosing pumps, materials upgrade for high/low pH levels, dual chemical dosing pumps (alkali and acid). MAK Water’s PAB plants are available as skid mounted or containerised systems for easy deployment to remote locations.