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Screen Filtration

Our MAK Water Screen Filters are designed to filter liquids with suspended solids. The Screen Filter’s innovative suction pad design:

  • Enables the filter to be cleaned without stopping the filtration process.
  • Automatically cleans the filter depending on differential pressure or time.
  • Is manufactured from high grade stainless steel.
  • Minimises water used for backwash.

The screen filters can be supplied in three different configurations (O, L and Y), depending on the position of in/out connections. The filter element can be supplied either as a polyester mesh inserted between two 316 net tubes, or as a three layer 316 stainless steel element, with the filtration degree ranging from 25 μm to 810 μm. All filters are supplied with valves, pressure gauges, a differential pressure sensor, cleaning system, and an electronic controller.

Raw water flows into the filter under pressure across the filtering element, trapping the suspended solids inside the housing prior to the filtered water exiting the filter housing. The cleaning of the filtration element can be performed by preset time or when the progressive build-up of suspended solid causes an excessive differential pressure between inlet and outlet (0.8 bar). During the cleaning cycle, the opening of the drain valve and the engine rotation actuate the suction scanning system. The adherence of scanners to the internal surface of the element removes the particles trapped by the filter element. Wastewater and solids are purged through the drain.

If you have specific Screen Filter requirements for your project, then contact us about our custom water filtration systems today.