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UV Disinfection – Municipal

Calgon Carbon 

MAK Water is the exclusive representative for Calgon Carbon UV Technologies in Australia and New Zealand –

Calgon Carbon is not only a world leader in granular activated carbon solutions, but also one of the world’s foremost providers of ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection and advanced oxidation process (AOP) technologies for water.

Almost 30 years ago, Calgon Carbon introduced one of the first advanced UV oxidation processes to remediate contaminated groundwater. Soon after, Calgon Carbon became the first company to adapt the technology to cost-effectively inactivate pathogens in surface water. These breakthroughs have established Calgon Carbon as a world leader in the use of UV technology for disinfection and oxidation to treat drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, process water and ballast water.

Leaders in UV Disinfection Wastewater

Calgon Carbon UV systems are installed worldwide and treat more than 19,000 ML/d of drinking water. Across Australia, Calgon Carbon UV systems have been selected for many high-profile projects to treat drinking water, recycled effluent and wastewater. To date more than 45 Calgon Carbon UV systems are in operation or under construction in Australia.

MAK Water provides full design, costing and technical support of Calgon Carbon UV disinfection wastewater systems in Australia. Depending on capital project requirements, MAK Water’s scope can include design and supply, installation, start-up, commissioning and training. MAK Water also offers refresher training to operators and provides spare parts and servicing to existing equipment.


UV disinfection with SENTINEL UV systems provides a proven barrier to harmful pathogens that can be present in source water. This includes bacteria, viruses and chlorine-resistant protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. All SENTINEL UV reactors have undergone third party validation under the U.S. EPA LT2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule guidelines (USEPA UVDGM).

MAK Water Municipal Technologies

SENTINEL UV reactor are available in various sizes and models accommodate pipe sizes from 12 to 48 inches (300 to 1200 mm) offering treatment from 1 to 196 ML/d per reactor.

SENTINEL features and benefits:

  • Systems provide municipal drinking water disinfection and Cryptosporidium and Giardia inactivation at a fraction of the cost of advanced technologies like ozone and membrane filtration
  • Systems use electro-magnetic ballasts with excellent voltage tolerance to drive high-intensity Medium Pressure Lamps ranging from 4kW to 20kW
  • Reactors use one UV intensity sensor per lamp for optimal dose and power control
  • Reactors offer large turndown
  • No disinfection by-products
  • Outstanding taste and odour removal with the Advanced Oxidation Technologies of SENTINEL AOP and SENTINEL Chevron AOP

C3 Series In-Channel UV Systems

The C3 Series in-channel UV systems offer a cost-effective solution to wastewater and reuse disinfection. The newest innovation of the product range is the C3 500D system, which is completely modular and scalable, and can be precisely sized to any application requirement. The C3 500D system can be installed in open (concrete) channels or can be supplied as a Packaged System with lamp racks installed in a stainless-steel tank. The control system provides automated closed-loop dose pacing or flow pacing for secondary and tertiary wastewater applications. Additionally, the efficient mixing provided by the delta wing has been proven for demanding reuse and low-quality effluent applications.

C3 500D features and benefits:

  • Validated Performance: Rigorously bioassay-tested from 35% to 80% UVT using MS2 and T1 surrogates.
  • Superior Disinfection Efficiency using fewer lamps than competing UV systems by use of 500W pellet amalgam Low-Pressure High-Output lamps, with variable output from 60% to 100% and controlled mixing
  • Smaller Footprint which offers lower overall cost of installation.
  • Low hydraulic head loss design
  • Mechanical self-cleaning system for quartz sleeves: electrically driven, stainless steel scrapers clean automatically without hazardous chemicals.

To find out more about Calgon Carbon UV systems and UV disinfection drinking water, contact us today.