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Water Softening with Ion Exchange

MAK’s Water Softening plants (WSP) are designed to reduce hardness from water sources that may have negative downstream implications such as scaling of pipework and equipment. The WSP contains resin beads charged with sodium ions. When the hardness ions come in contact with the resin beads the hardness ions are collected and the sodium ions are released, thereby softening the water via ion exchange. The WSP automatically completes a regeneration cycle whereby the filter is backwashed and the resin recharged with sodium ions via the brine regeneration tank.

Water Softening can be used in a range of applications such as potable water, boiler feed water and domestic appliance feed water (washing machines, dishwashers etc). Additional pre or post WSP treatment steps may be added to suit feed or softened water requirements such as iron removal, odour removal, colour removal, hydrocarbon removal, pH correction or sterilisation. The MAK WSP’s are available as skid mounted units or containerised systems.

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