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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis – Basic

MAK Water’s Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis – Basic (BWROB) plants are pre-engineered products, designed to suit simple applications where a high level of electrical instrumentation and controls is not required, and the feed water quality falls within the parameters defined in this data sheet.

The standard treatment process involves pre-filtration (5 and 1 micron cartridge filters) and RO desalination. The BWROB is designed to operate continuously until the permeate tank is filled, or feed water is unavailable.

The BWROB is available with a pre-determined number of standard options and is supplied with a generic documentation package.

If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss our custom designed desalination plants or ask about our hire options.


Parameter Units BWROB-010 BWROB-015 BWROB-025 BWROB-030 BWROB-035 BWROB-050
Permeate flow rate m3/day 10 15 25 30 35 50
Permeate recovery rate % 40~70 (varies according to feed water quality and RO configuration)
Ambient design temperature °C 1~35 (1~43 with optional air conditioned container)
Feed water inlet pressure  kPa min. 200~500 max. (flooded suction only with optional low pressure feed pump)
Permeate discharge pressure kPa ~40
Brine discharge pressure  kPa ~40
Power supply  - AC 240V, 1 Phase, 50Hz
Power consumption (approx.) kW 2 2 2 3 3 5
Control panel IP rating  - IP50
Skid dimensions (approx.) mm 1,500W x 1,700H x 680D
Skid weight (approx.) kg 150 160 170 180 190 200
Container size (optional) - 10’ ISO
UV disinfection (optional) UV dose >40 mJ/cm2 @ 90% UVT
Distribution pump set (optional) m3/hr @ 300kPa 1.04 1.56 2.6 3.13 3.65 5.21


Parameter Units Feed water Permeate
Total dissolved solids (TDS) mg/L <5,000 <500 (typical)
Temperature  ˚C 15~30 -
pH pH units 5~8.5 -
Total suspended solids (TSS) mg/L <5 <1
Particle size µm >1 -
Silt density index - <5*1 -
Free chlorine mg/L 0 (<2 with optional GAC filter) 0 (0.2~2.0 with optional chlorine disinfection)
Dissolved iron mg/L <0.1 -
Dissolved manganese  mg/L <0.1 -
Biological oxygen demand (BOD) as O2 mg/L <10 -
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) as O2 mg/L <10 -
Total organic carbon (TOC) mg/L <3 -

*1Increased membrane fouling will occur where feed water SDI exceeds 3


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply

Equipment BWROB-010 BWROB-015 BWROB-025 BWROB-030 BWROB-035 BWROB-050
Skid mounted plant
uPVC pipe work with isolation, non-return and sampling valves
Inlet pressure regulating valve*1
Solenoid valves (inlet feed and CIP/flush) 
Low pressure feed pump  o o o o o o
High pressure RO pump 
RO pressure vessels and membranes with reject control valve
Concentrate recirculation with throttling valve 
Hose connections for membrane clean in place (CIP)*2
Control panel with indicator lamps, isolators and e-stop
Pre-RO treatment Cartridge filters (5 and 1 µm) 
Auto-backwashing GAC filter*3 o o o o o o
Anti-scalant dosing*4 o o o o o o
Post-RO treatment Flow paced chlorine dosing  o o o o o o
UV reactor with ballast*5, 6 o o o o o o
Containerised system with overhead lighting and air conditioning o o o o o o
Permeate distribution pump with controller*5  o o o o o o

*1Not supplied where low-pressure feed pump option is taken, *2CIP tank and pump by others, *3For free chlorine removal, *4May be required depending on feed water quality, consult MAK Water, *5Separate power connection required, *6UV system supplied loose for installation by others


Instrumentation Included
Level switches Feed water tank
Permeate tank
Anti-scalant dosing tank (optional)
Chlorine dosing tank (optional)
Pressure switches Low pressure feed pump discharge (optional)
High pressure RO pump discharge 
Permeate distribution pump (optional)
Pressure gauges Feed water inlet or low pressure pump discharge (optional)
GAC filter discharge (optional)
Cartridge filter discharge 
High pressure RO pump discharge 
Brine discharge 
Flow indicators (rotameters) Permeate
Conductivity meter Permeate