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Chemical Dosing (CD)

MAK Water’s Chemical Dosing (CD) skids are designed to automatically dose a chemical(s) into a pressurised pipeline. The package includes an inline sensor(s) (pH, ORP or free Chlorine analyser) which monitors the desired output target.

When flow is detected in the pipeline, the dosing pump(s) is called online; the controller automatically adjusts the dosing pump(s) to dose the desired chemical. Up to three chemical dosing stations are available.

The system components are sized to suit the raw water flow rate and daily usage. Optional equipment upgrades include; a flow transmitter, a static mixer if required to improve mixing, duty standby dosing pumps, dual chemical dosing pumps (alkali/acid). MAK CD plants are available as skid mounted or containerised systems for easy deployment to remote locations.


Parameter Units CD-020 CD-040 CD-060 CD-100
Chemical Storage Tank Size L 20 40 60 100
Raw Water pH range m³/h 4 ~ 10 (min/max)
Free chlorine   0 - 2 (assumed)
Effluent Target pH range   4 ~ 10 (operator adjustable)
Free chlorine   0 - 2 (operator adjustable)
Raw water temperature °C 15 ~ 35 (assumed)
Ambient design temperature °C 5 ~ 45
Flow rate m³/h 5 - 50
Dosing pump flow rate L/h 0.0025 - 7.5
Pipe size mm 25 - 100
Operating pressure kPa 600 inlet (max) 100kPa pressure drop
Power supply - AC 240V, 1 phase, 50Hz
Power consumption (approx.) kW 0.5
Skid Size mm Single chemical: 750 x 560 x 1,510
Two chemicals: 1,300 x 560 x 1,510
Three chemicals: 2,000 x 560 x 1,510


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply - = Not Applicable

Equipment CD-020 CD-040 CD-060 CD-100
Skid Mounted Plant
Chemical Dosing Pump
Bunded Chemical Storage Tank
Control system with local indicator (standard)
Static mixer


Instrumentation pH correction dosing Disinfection dosing De-chlorination dosing Other Dosing
Flow Switch
Float Switch (chemical storage tank)
pH Analyser (4-20 mA) - -
Chlorine analyser - - -
ORP analyser - - -


Disclaimer: MAK Water is continuously updating and improving its products and services, so please contact us for more detailed information or to confirm specifications. MAK Water takes no responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of information contained within this document.