Chemicals, Detergents and Degreasers, Cartridge Filter Elements, and Membranes

MAK Water stocks a wide range of water treatment equipment chemicals and quick break detergents & degreasers for improved operational efficiency of your water treatment equipment. For more information on products available, or to receive a quote, please click on one of the links below.

Detergents & Degreasers

MAK Water detergents & degreasers ensure optimal equipment performance. They offer an effective quick break action to maintain equipment and environmental compliance, superior cleaning, plus they’re biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Products are Green Stamp approved.

After temporarily emulsifying oil and dirt into the wash down water during the cleaning process, Quick Break detergents and degreasers separate the oil and dirt from the clean water following the wash down process. More than 90% of the oil rises to the surface within 30 minutes of wash down. The oil is then easily separated from the clean water in a collection pit or in the separator.

Use of the right quick break detergents & degreasers significantly improves the efficiency, reducing the operational cost, of your water treatment or recycling system.

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MAK can supply you with consumable chemicals for your water treatment equipment. Place a one off order or request a quote for a regular supply.

Product Data Sheets


Proper filtration is critical to ensuring desired fluid quality and to help protect key process equipment through minimising associated downtime and repairs. MAK Water stocks a full range of cartridge sediment filters and bag filters to reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in fluid streams.

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