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Demineralised Water Reverse Osmosis

MAK Water’s Demineralised Water Reverse Osmosis (DMRO) Plants are designed to treat fresh water, with < 1,000 mg/L of dissolved solids (TDS) and < 30 mg/L of suspended solids (TSS), to produce high purity demineralised water with TDS < 1 mg/L. The standard treatment process involves pre filtration (auto-backwashing multimedia filters and cartridge filters), anti-scalant dosing to prevent membrane scaling, two-pass RO desalination and a CIP system for membrane cleaning; with the inclusion of optional mixed bed ion exchange or continuous electro-deionization (CEDI), TDS < 0.1 mg/L can be achieved.

Additional pre-RO and post-RO treatment steps may be added as required to suit feed water conditions and/or treated water quality requirements. The MAK DMRO plants are available as skid mounted or containerised systems.

If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss our custom designed desalination plants or ask about our hire options.


Permeate Flow Ratem3/day25501001502505001000
Permeate Recovery Rate%<55<60<75<75<75<80<80
Permeate TDSmg/L<1 (<0.1 with ion exchange or CEDI) @ 25°C
Raw Water TDSmg/L<1,000
Raw Water TSSmg/L<30
Raw Water Temperature°C<45
Ambient Design Temperature°C5 ~ 45 (-15 ~ 50 for insulated containerized system)
Feed Water Inlet PressurekPa>15 (flooded suction)
Permeate Discharge PressurekPa~40 (higher discharge pressures available on request)
Brine Discharge PressurekPa~40 (higher discharge pressures available on request)
Power Supply-AC 380~450 V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionkW4.56.710.215.22233.567
No. Containers (Optional)-1 x 20’1 x 20’1 x 40’1 x 40’1 x 40’2 x 40’2 x 40’


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply - = Not Applicable

EquipmentDMRO-25DMRO-50DMRO -100DMRO -150DMRO-250DMRO-500DMRO-1000
Skid Mounted Plant & Equipment
Low Pressure Feed Pump
High Pressure RO Pumps (Pass 1 & 2)
Ultra Filtrationooooooo
Cartridge Filters
Post RO polishingMixed Bed Ion Exchangeooooooo
Anti Scalant Dosing System
Membrane CIP System
PLC Control System with HMI
Containerized system, c/w A/C & Lightsooooooo
Container Insulation (walls & ceiling)ooooooo
Container Non-Slip Floor Coveringsooooooo
Container Side Access Dooroo
Additional Pre-RO Treatmentooooooo
Additional Post-RO Treatmentooooooo
Premium Instrumentation Packageooooo
Permeate Distribution Pump Setooooooo


InstrumentationStandard PackagePremium Package
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Transmitters (4-20 mA)-
HP RO Pump (Pass 1 & 2) Inlet Low Pressure Switch
Flow Gauges (Rotameters)-
Flow Transmitters (4-20 mA)-
Conductivity Transmitters (4-20 mA)
Float Switches (Feed/Permeate & Chemical Dosing Tanks)
Remote Monitoring & Control Capabilities-