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Membrane Bioreactor

MAK Water’s Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) type packaged sewage treatment plants are designed to treat domestic strength sewage, to achieve “Class A+” treated effluent, suitable for reuse in “risk category high” applications or for discharge to sensitive environments.

The standard treatment process includes influent screening, balance tank mixing, anoxic & aerobic treatment, ultrafiltration (UF) with automated chemical cleaning system, effluent sterilization via UV and/or tank recirculation and residual trim hypochlorite dosing, and analysers for online monitoring of treated effluent turbidity, free chlorine and pH. Additional treatment steps for nutrient removal (T-N & T-P) and sludge de-watering systems may be added as required to suit influent quality and/or treated effluent quality requirements.

MAK Water’s MBR Bioreactors are constructed of corrosion resistant FRP, and are self-contained, modular systems for easy deployment to remote locations.

The FRP bioreactor tank fits into a 40’ shipping container. This allows it to travel as general purpose cargo on a conventional container vessel, for cost effective shipping anywhere in the world, as well as providing mechanical protection from damage during shipment.

If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss our custom designed sewage treatment plants or ask about our hire options.


Treatment Capacitym3/day50100150200300450600
Sludge Production (WAS)m3/day1.534.567.5910.5
WAS MLSSmg/L8,000~10,000
Dewatered Sludge (optional)% solids15~20%
Ambient Design Temperature°C5~45 (-15~50 for insulated system)
Power Supply-AC 380~450 V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionkW1530405580120160
No. Containers-1 x 20’1 x 40’2 x 40’2 x 40’3 x 40’4 x 40’5 x 40’


pHpH units6.5~8.56.5~8.5
T-Nmg/L<50<40 (lower T-N available on request)
T-Pmg/L<15<10 (lower T-P available on request)
E.Colicfu/100 mL-<1
Free Chlorinemg/L-0.2~2
Viruses% removal-99.999


✓= Standard Supply, o = Optional Supply, - = Not Available

MBR Feed Pump
Inlet screen
Anoxic Tank with Mixer
Aerobic Tank with Blower & Diffusers
UF Membranes with Feed & Permeate Pumps
UF Backwash & Chemical Cleaning System
Effluent SterilisationFlow Paced Hypo Dosing
Hypo Dosing with Tank Recirculation & Residual Trimooooooo
UV Sterilizerooooooo
PLC Control System with HMI
Containerised system, c/w A/C & Lights
UF Container Insulation (walls & ceiling)ooooooo
UF Container non-slip floor coveringsooooooo
UF Container Side Access Dooroo
Influent Dosing (enhanced T-N / T-P removal)Sodium Aluminate
Sludge Dewatering System (15~20% solids)ooooooo
Premium Instrumentation Packageoo


InstrumentationStandard PackagePremium Package
Level Sensors
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Transmitters (4-20 mA)
Magnetic Flow Transmitters (4-20 mA)
Anoxic Tank ORP Analyser-
Aerobic Tank Dissolved Oxygen Analyser-
Effluent Chlorine Analyser-
Effluent Turbidity Analyser-
Effluent pH Analyser-
ClearAccess™ Remote Monitoring & Control Capabilities-