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Pump Station


MAK Water’s Clearmake™ Pump Station is designed to transfer water to a local sewer connection or to a downstream treatment process cost-effectively when gravity cannot assist. The water is collected in an industrial grade slimline poly tank located above ground, which contains a submersible pump and float switch. These are installed in the tank and can be easily removed if required. The tank is designed for immediate installation to external pipework, and has a compact footprint.

If you have specific requirements, contact us about our custom water clarification systems.


Equipment Units MAK-CPS-250 MAK-CPS-500
Pump Flow Rate L/m 250 500
Pump Discharge Pressure kPa 40 - 70
Outlet connection mm 40 50
Pump Motor kW 0.55 1.1
Power Supply - AC 220~240V , 1 Phase or AC 380~450V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Solids Size mm 35 50
Tank Capacity L 720
Tank Dimensions mm 1,420 L x 710 W x 920 H
Tanks Weight kg 80


✓= Standard Supply   o = Optional Supply   - = Not Applicable

Equipment MAK-CPS-250 MAK-CPS-500
720L Industrial Grade Poly Tank
Submersible pump & float switch
Internal pipework

 MAK Water is continuously updating and improving its products and services, so please contact us for more detailed information or to confirm specifications. MAK Water takes no responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of information contained within this document.