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Rotating Drum Screw Screen

Model SSTF Rotating Drum Screw Screens with integrated screenings compaction

Rotating Drum Screw Screens offer very high removal efficiency of floating and suspended materials (screenings) at low head loss. Typically these screens are selected for fine screen applications. These screens can be installed directly in a channel or in a separate tank. Due to the design of the screen, no by-passing of flow is possible, resulting in high removal efficiency. As standard this machine includes compaction of screenings.

Rotating Drum Screw Screens are available in various sizes and capacities, with drum diameter (therefore channel width) varying between 600 and 1600 mm. The screen element can be either perforated holes (with aperture range 1 to 5 mm) or wedge wire (with aperture 0.25 to 3 mm).

Operating principle:

Wastewater enters the open end of the inclined screen drum and then passes through the screen element. In operation, as the screen element gets blinded with floating and suspended materials (screenings), it provides for an additional filtering effect so that solids far smaller than the screen aperture size can be removed. As screen blinding continues/increases, the upstream water level in the channel will rise, triggering the rotation of the entire drum. During rotation, the drum discharges captured screenings into the screw conveyor with the aid of an outer drum washing system.

Click here to download the Rotating Drum Screw Screen data sheet