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Screw Screen with Compactor in Tank

Model SSB-mK or SS-oK [-mK denotes with compaction and –oK without compaction]

The Screw Screen in Tank is a Screw Screen that is contained in a stainless steel tank, making it a stand-alone package plant/skid. The tank is fitted with inlet and outlet flanges which allows for simple installation for any pumped inflow application. 

The Screw in Tank package plant offers all the design and operational features, as well as options of a Screw Screen. In addition, the tank can be designed with overflow or bypass (chamber fitted with manual 10mm bar screen) in the event of the blockage of the screen element and/or failure of the screw operation.


Screw Screen in Tank with compaction, and optional screenings washing, tank overflow and Longopac continuous bagging system for screenings


Due to small footprint, minimal civil works required, and ease of installation, the Screw Screen in Tank offers a simple and low cost solution for small wastewater treatment applications and septage receival facilities.

Screw Screen in Tank shown with perforated plate screen element and optional screenings washing bar

Screen elements consist of either perforated holes in plates (with aperture range 3 to 10 mm) or wedge wire (with aperture 0.25 to 3 mm). The Screw Screen in Tank is available in various sizes, and offers treatment for flows up to 1,250 m3/h.

Click here to download the Screw Screen in Tank data sheet

Click here to download typical Technical Specification for model SSB-mK 110 with compaction

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