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Screw Screen

Model SS-mK or SS-oK [-mK denotes with compaction and –oK without compaction]

The Screw Screen is suitable for fine, medium and coarse solids separation in municipal and industrial wastewater pre-treatment. The Screw Screen is typically installed in a concrete or steel channel. Screw Screens are available with screen elements that consist of perforated holes in plates (with aperture range 3 to 10 mm) or wedge wire (with aperture 0.25 to 3 mm). The Screw Screen is available in various sizes & capacities, and offers treatment for flows up to 1,250 m3/h.

Typical screw with compaction 


Operating principle:

Screw Screens are available with or without screenings compactor. Compaction allows for up to 50% reduction in volume & weight of screenings. Screw Screens can be also be fitted with or without screenings washing (in screening and compaction zones) to remove faecal matter. As such it is a multi-function machine because it performs multiple operations; in addition to screening, it transports, washes, compacts and discharges the captured screenings.

Floating and suspended materials (screenings) that are captured on the screen element, are transported via a shaftless screw to the discharge chute. Actuation of shaftless screw operation, is via differential level in the channel. Screenings washing is interlocked with screw operation. All operation can also be timer controlled if required.

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