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Environmental Solutions

MAK Water provides a range of Environmental Services.

Hydro-geological Surveys

Hydrogeological assessments can be undertaken on a number of levels and are usually a minimum requirement if an abstraction licence is required. Most drilling companies will have access to geological maps; this combined with local knowledge will allow them to produce a borehole design that should be capable of meeting your requirements. If the drilling conditions or hydrology of the area are more complex additional surveys may need to be undertaken. A typical survey usually involves the following.

  • Ascertain the requirements of the customer, location, yield and use
  • Geological assessment
  • Hydrogeology
  • Water use in the area
  • Neighbouring boreholes and abstractions
  • Groundwater Quality Assessment
  • Catchment Assessment
  • Anticipated yield and quality of abstracted water
  • Initial assessment of Health and Environmental Risk
  • Borehole design and recommendations

Laboratory Services

MAK Water operates unique and service-based laboratories with a wide range of capabilities and expertise. We offer excellent and trustworthy results. However we don’t just provide results, we focus on providing the individual backup service that each customer requires.

MAK Water offers a professional and flexible service, including quick turnaround times and specialised account managers, which is critical in providing our customers with innovative and proactive solutions.

Sampling and regulatory compliance

For more than a decade, MAK Water has specialised in providing regulatory compliance services to municipal and privately-owned water and wastewater professionals. By focusing our expertise to meet the growing compliance needs of system operators, we are able to cost effectively design and deliver client specific solutions to simplify regulatory compliance processes.

With a goal of delivering a consistently high level of service for each client, we have earned a solid reputation for performance and reliability from clients across Australia.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Drinking Water Management
  • Legionella Management
  • Recycled Water Management