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Sludge Dewatering Systems

Mobile sludge dewatering units hire

MAK Water’s range of mobile sewage sludge dewatering units contain all the equipment necessary to process a wide range of sludges, from municipal to industrial. Our sludge dewatering systems are complete skid or container-mounted production systems that can be delivered to a customer’s site at short notice and be fully operational within hours.

Mobile lime stabilisation plants

The lime treatment process is usually applied to liquid sewage sludge but can be deployed to stabilise other sludges. The main chemical treatment processes include adding quicklime or hydrated lime. Hydrated lime will raise pH, whereas quicklime will give a rise in pH and temperature. This temperature rise to 70 degrees C pasteurises the sludge, reducing pathogens such as salmonella and e.coli, as well as reducing unpleasant odours. This means the remaining product can be used as an effective organic fertiliser or soil ameliorant.

Our lime dosing and mixing equipment can either be supplied as a compact self-contained unit complete with silo and conveyors or can be supplied as individual components to suit any site constraints. Our units are often supplied in conjunction with our range of mobile dewatering units and power packages, offering a complete stand-alone system with our skilled operators who are responsible for the management of cake disposal, lime and fuel deliveries as well as the document control.

Sludge surveys

Most wastewater lagoons are designed for a certain amount of sludge storage, so sludge is typically not a daily concern for the operator. Many permits require wastewater lagoon sludge to be measured at least annually after five years of service. Even if it’s not required, it’s important to keep tabs on the rate of accumulation so you can calculate retention time, budget for future dredging expense, and prevent the problems caused by excessive sludge.

MAK Water provides sludge surveys for both sludge lagoons and oxidation ponds. We utilise the latest technology to provide as accurate a result as possible.

Our sludge surveys provide estimates of:

  • The volume of sludge contained within the ponds
  • The average solids content of the sludge contained in the ponds
  • The total tonnes dry solids (TDS) contained within the ponds

To find out more about our sludge dewatering systems, contact MAK Water today.