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Reverse Osmosis Plant

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis - Basic (BWROB)


Western Australia


A Western Australian glass and stone manufacture was continually having issues with water marks being left on their glass sheets after they have been washed down. The company contacted MAK Water to design, construct and commission a water treatment process that treated their mains water supply to a standard that eliminated the smear marks after washing the glass sheets.


MAK Water has designed, constructed and commissioned a number of BWROB and understands the importance of selecting the right process for the application.

Based on our years of experience in the water industry, MAK Water recommended the installation of a BWROB-10, to allow for the continual supply of high-quality RO water.


  • Water treatment plant designed to provide product water under 30mg/L TDS.
  • A system capable of producing 10,000L per day.
  • A fully automated system
  • On site installation and commissioning.
  • Skid mounted turnkey plant.


  • Compliant water quality: Supply of treated water that is compliant with sites requirements.
  • Operating Costs: All sheets of glass manufactured without water marks, improving operational efficiency of the glass manufacturer
  • System control: Monitoring of water quality for operational reliability, and automatic shutdown/alarm if water is discharged outside of spec.