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I was the Superintendent Representative for the water treatment upgrade projects of:

  • Cosmo Newbery Remote Aboriginal Community (2014); and
  • Tjuntjuntjarra Remote Aboriginal Community (2016)

MAK Water was the vendor for the RO component of these projects, supplying RO units that successfully treated raw water supplies with elevated nitrate levels (Cosmo Newbery) and hypersalinity (Tjuntjuntjarra).

I can confirm that both MAK Water RO units are locally built and supported, work well and are built to a high standard, tailor made for the application, thoroughly tested prior to dispatch and delivering permeate to the performance specification required. As well as a high standard of product, MAK Water provided high quality documentation to support their product.

I compliment MAK Water’s team in delivering successful products and wouldn’t hesitate to recommending them or working with them on future projects.

Principal Engineer
ZEB Engineering

Thank you for all that you have done to get the Waste Water Treatment Plant back to functioning as it should. Your knowledge in regards to Waste Water is unparalleled and I would just like to thank you for all that you have done, both in training our newest WWTP officer as well as giving general staff a basic understanding of the plant. You moulded your operations to fit in with ours and took everything we said on board.

Asset Supervisor
Serco Immigration Services

I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to teach and show me the working of the plant. I feel comfortable knowing that MAK Water is always on call if ever there is an issue. I have learned more than I thought I ever could and would like to thank all of those involved. I look forward to working with you in the future.

WWTP Officer
Serco Immigration Services

MAK Water designed and manufactured a Water Treatment Plant that met all our requirements on time and within budget. Throughout the whole project from pricing until final commissioning, MAK Water’s personnel were very professional and helpful even though we presented them with difficult challenges particularly the space restriction that we had allowed for this plant. Dealing with Kyle Matthews at the beginning set out a great start to this project from a commercial and technical point of view, and as we moved into the Engineering phase Nathan Johnson and Paolo Formilan delivered an excellent outcome when presented with last minute information and challenges. Well done and keep up the good work!

IHI Engineering

Coming from Hatch (as the EPCM contractor) I understand that we can be very demanding of our suppliers with respect to the level of documentation, quality requirements, etc. MAK Water (in particular Paolo Formilan) completed all of these requirements in a professional manner with little fuss. This was a pleasant change and cannot be said for many of our other OEM packages. I would rate MAK in the top two contractors that I worked with during the project.

Please continue to keep up the good work and I hope that we will get the opportunity to work together in the future. I will be recommending for MAK Water to be added to any bidders’ lists for work of this nature on future Hatch projects.


MAK Water's Service Agreement has enabled Gladstone Regional Council to maintain and operate its new weed seed wash-down facility economically and to a high standard. Through the agreement, MAK Water's technicians have reliably serviced the facility, including the procurement of all chemical requirements with minimal hassle.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows the Council to monitor the weed seed wash-down facility systems and ensure that all systems are functioning efficiently. The system also allows the Council to monitor and manage any alerts externally, which is valuable as the facility is located 20 kilometres from the office.

Gladstone Regional Council

I can confirm MAK Water’s RO plant has been working well offshore with a high availability and minimal amount of maintenance, and has supplied us with good quality demineralised water to complete our ongoing hydrotesting scope. We’ve been very satisfied with the service offered by Paolo Formilan and the team at MAK Water in providing the project with a quality RO unit assembled, tested and delivered in a short space of time.

Start-up Process Engineer
Multinational Energy Corporation - a major LNG project in WA

The Bow Screen developed by MAK Water screens off grass clippings from the wash-bay water and significantly reduces the volume that passes through the separator and surrounding infrastructure. This ensures the waste water is able to be treated to a level suitable for discharge.

We selected MAK Water because we have used their equipment before and because they were keen to work with the Golf Course Industry to come up with a solution for this problem.

We are very pleased with the performance of the Bow Screen and I would recommend MAK Water to other industry facilities looking for a similar solution.

Pennant Hills Golf Club

The MAK Water brand is now well established within the marina industry. The systems are recognised by local councils and relevant State departments. This is the third facility that I have managed where we have implemented a MAK Water system. Past experiences with all equipment have been positive. The support offered by the MAK Water team has always been immediate. In essence the product represents a 'win win' for industry and environment.


Gold Coast City Marina

To support Patrick's expansion at the Port of Brisbane, we appointed MAK Water to design and manufacture a custom system to significantly reduce on-site water consumption and environmental pollution from the new site. The result was a combined technology solution, incorporating stormwater management, rainwater harvesting, wash-down waste water treatment and recycling and sludge dewatering. The system provides up to 50 kL/h of water for on-site reuse including vehicle wash down, irrigation and toilet flushing, with excess water treated and safely discharged to stormwater. This has minimised mains water use and has provided effective, systemic protection for the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay from pollution generated on the site. MAK Water has provided extremely professional assistance during all phases of the project and the team has been a pleasure to work with - I look forward to working with MAK Water again on Patrick's next project.

Patrick Terminals

We recently selected MAK Water to design and manufacture a solution for our Shipyard waste water treatment project. They designed and developed a custom system which proved to be the most effective available in terms of capital investment, operating costs, water quality produced, ease of operation and reliability.

Runaway Bay Marina

We selected MAK Water to develop a system for treating and recycling water from our wash down facility for reuse back through the wash bay, as they have demonstrated great success with their equipment and are extremely well regarded within the water treatment industry. We have been satisfied with our MAK Water experience and plan to use them again in the future.

Ostwald Bros Civil Pty Ltd

MAK Water recently developed a system to filter and recycle water from our vessel pressure wash down bay to a level suitable for reuse. They are very easy to work with and provide excellent customer service from design through to installation and operation of the system.

Gold Coast Marine Centre

Mackay Marina Village's water treatment system was developed and installed by MAK Water, and is able to treat 3,000 L/h of water for oil and grease, total suspended solids (TSS), total dissolved solids (TDS) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). A recent audit by the Environmental Protection Agency rated our facility as above compliance, and we ensure that water quality remains high through regular testing.

(taken from the Eco-efficiency for the Marine Industry publication by the Queensland Government)

Port Binnli Group

The operating procedure and maintenance schedule are comprehensive, adequate and adhered to. This procedure could be adopted at other similar sites.

When assessing suitable treatment facilities only 2 types were found that claimed they could treat effluent containing emulsion. One unit came with a $50,000 price tag and the unit we chose, a MAK Water, with a much lower price tag (around $4,500?). The MAK Water unit is operating as promised, successfully eliminating emulsion from the waste stream.

The procedures adopted for dealing with waste water collected in the emulsion tank bunded area have been totally successful. If adhered to I am satisfied this procedure will make the standard LTW requirement for the tank's bunded compound to be roofed over obsolete, providing significant cost savings. Very professional guys

Liquid Trade Waste Officer

Thanks for the opportunity to provide the below statement

The Melbourne Outboard Club (MOC) is an incorporated recreational club, Lease holder from Murray Goulburn Water on the foreshore of lake Eildon, nearby to Kennedy Point located in the township of Bonnie Doon. My name is Pat Cieri and I am the Club Engineer responsible for all engineering and compliance matters associated with the Club.

The Club developed a long term strategy plan to raise capital and targeted major works to future proof the Club with the environment and compliances in mind. The first investment strategy targeted was the installation of a Septic Treatment plant Approx 12 years ago and since it’s commissioning, the equipment has struggled to preform and what we considered to be our biggest investment and asset to remain on site quickly become the Club’s biggest liability.

At a review, it was concluded that the OEM of the plant would not be able to deal with the aftersales care that was required by the MOC to have an efficient operating system. This lead to opening a new internal project to deal with plant performance and downtime, schedule services, consultancy, compliance and our wish for a long term partnership to improve our ability to remain on site with a functional STP.

Based on our selection process of wanting a structured customized service, a fair pricing model, fast and reliable level of service, sound advice from industry experts, MAK Water, the business was appointed as our prime contractor while the trust and developing a long term partnership would be provided by Daryl and his team. Guidance and recommendations from MAK Water have lead to a much improved operational plant that now is considered by the Committee and members to be a valued asset that enables the Club to remain onsite.

Doing business with MAK Water is a cost effective, easy, structured and a schedule process with both parties enjoying the working relationship.

Club Engineer
Melbourne Outboard Club

To whom it may concern;

Since 2004 up to present time, MAK Water has been maintaining and engineering our Potable water RO Plant. During this operational period, the support provided on site and remotely has been exceptional.

Acting upon advice from MAK, towards the end of 2019 a 5,000 litre Stainless steel CIP tank was fabricated and installed with a 10kW immersion heater to assist with the efficiency of the chemical cleans.

We had forecasted to change the RO membranes around June 2020, however after the tank and heater were installed, the Conductivity of the Permeate decreased, as well as the Operating Pressures.

Now 16 months down the road, and well past our normal change out schedule the membranes are still performing better than prior to the plant upgrade.

The team at MAK Water have continually looked to improve our plant operations and have been very proactive with matching the correct chemicals to achieve maximum performance with respect to our RO Feed water quality.

Systems Coordinator
Power and Water Corporation, Northern Territory

In mid-2020, we asked MAK water for support in modernising our potable water treatment plant to ensure it could meet Australian Drinking Water Standards and increased future capacity requirements.

Daryl at MAK water was able to analyse our specific needs, then design a system that would deliver the desired outcomes. Through the design, build and commissioning stages, MAK Water has worked with us to ensure that we are happy with the overall system.

Since commissioning the plant we have used them to maintain the system and provide ongoing support as and when required. We now have a modern water treatment plant that requires minimal daily maintenance, which is able to supply our clients with safe drinking water at all times.

General Manager - Camps
PGDL Adventure Camps, Victoria

MAK Water has been supplying technical support, parts and chemicals, for AWM to supply to our clients for the past 9 years.

Through this time we have worked hand in hand with the MAK team.

The level of support we have received from staff & the MAK team has been excellent, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

AWM Electrical, Victoria