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Copper Mine Hire

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO)




One of the copper mines in far north QLD was replacing the Bulk Air Cooling (BAC) systems onsite and had a temporary requirement to treat the surface water to below <50 mg/L TDS to feed the BAC’s. This is to reduce scale and corrosion issues and minimise the downtime and maintenance requirements during operation. The surface water feeding the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system fluctuates in quality and total suspended solids (TSS) becomes quite high during rain events so this had to be taken into account for the hire solution.


  • Containerised BWRO system with lamella clarifier as pre-treatment process for high rain events
  • Containerised system provided for plug and play installation
  • Fast six week lead time for plant supply
  • ClearAccess™ Remote access
  • Onsite plant commissioning and operator familiarisation
  • Ongoing service agreement with technical support and scheduled site visits by MAK Service Technician


  • Quick response. The lamella clarifier & reverse osmosis plants were delivered within six weeks.
  • Lowest total operating cost. Lamella clarifier only operates during high rain events when the feed water requires additional pre-treatment
  • Easy Installation. Containerised plant for easy transport and onsite installation.
  • Plant Reliability. Custom design and quality equipment will provide reliable operation with minimal maintenance.
  • Ongoing Technical Support. Service agreement in place with plant remote monitoring.