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Service and Maintenance, Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Food and Beverage



One of Australia’s largest Probiotic Drinks Manufacturer was having difficulties maintaining reliability of its Reverse Osmosis unit providing treated water as a key process input.  Let down by the incumbent service provider the drinks manufacturer contacted MAK Water to resolve the issues.

MAK Water then advised on issues associated with the existing plant and recommended an appropriate service and routine maintenance regime for the reverse osmosis unit and peripheral equipment.


  • MAK Water stayed in contact with the site personnel and offered advice and assistance as requested
  • MAK Water had provided expert assistance previously
  • MAK Water was able to quickly identify the recurrent problems shutting down the plant and rectify


  • Quick response. Available on-call to service agreement customers MAK Water provides 24/7 peace of mind
  • Knowledge. Several of the MAK Water team in Victoria have over 20 years’ experience on the site, something that no other service team can offer
  • Locality. MAK Water Melbourne is based 10 minutes from the site and can attend site quickly to assist in the event of a plant issue
  • Compliance. The site requires a specific and consistent testing regime for the QA and Production requirements that MAK Water will ensure is followed