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Oil Water Separator (OWS)

Infrastructure and Urban Development

Multiple sites across Australia


A large national fuel retailer had a requirement to treat their waste water prior discharging to a sewer network. As a means of compliance and to ensure the local sewer network and environment was protected, the fuel retailer has purchased and installed a number of MAK Water’s ClearmakeTM Oil Water Separators across their sites nationally.


MAK Water delivered a series of off-the-shelf oil water separators to handle flow rates from 800L per hour to 4,000L per hour.

Superior Vertical Tube Coalescing (VTC) technology

  • Improved separation via the unique spiral tubes
  • VTC blocks provide optimum flow, serviceability and durability

Efficient Removal of free floating hydrocarbons

  • Removes 95% of oil droplet particles greater than 10 microns
  • Removes 100% of oil droplet particles greater than 10 microns


  • Quick response. Off-the-shelf solution ready for shipping within 7 days of order
  • Lowest total operating cost. Due to the large quantities of wastewater generated in the wash bay, onsite treatment was the only economical option
  • Compliance. Maintains compliance with strict treated water quality requirements
  • Quality. High quality stainless steel construction extending the design life of the asset