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Filtration and Disinfection


New South Wales, Australia


MAK Water was approached by the Australian National University to review their existing water treatment facilities and to provide solutions for ongoing process issues associated with this facility. MAK Water audited the facility and found that the existing process was inefficient and overcomplicated which resulted in process unreliability and high operations cost.

Based on the audit findings, MAK Water simplified the process using a modular Ultrafiltration / Ultraviolet (UF/UV) process plant. This solution was constructed according to project engineering and design specifications, and included the reuse of existing pumps and sensors already installed on-site. MAK Water provided site installation support and commissioning of the plant.


A state of art, remote controllable UF / UV and product water chlorination process was designed and installed by MAK Water providing the client reliability, product quality and process visibility.


  • Review of existing process work issues and to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution based on client requirements.
  • Providing appropriate technology using UF and UV to produce 40 m3 / day of high quality drinking water.
  • Client requirements were incorporated into the new plant.
  • Remote analysis and operability to reduce costly site visits.
  • MAK Water site installation and commissioning.


  • Turnkey solution: Complete design, off-site manufacture and installation package.
  • Cost. Using existing equipment from the site; thus, the plant was built at a low cost. The plant can be remotely monitored and operated to reduce costly site visits.
  • Compliance. Designed around the site-specific influent to meet required drinking water.
  • Reliability. MAK Water uses proven technology; resulting in high reliability and long service life of the process.