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Oil Water Separator (OWS)


Central Murchison Region, Western Australia


A leading gold producer in the Central Murchison region of Western Australia required assistance with the treatment of wastewater from their existing washbay onsite. The requirement was for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) reduction via an Oil Water Separator, to a level suitable for discharge to environment.

The client’s decision to select MAK Water’s proven Clearmake™ brand of vertical tube coalescing separator was made easy by the fact they already had a similar MAK Water OWS system installed at a sister mine site that had demonstrated its performance over a period of time.


  • 7.2 m3/hr (CL10) frame mounted separator with feed pump and control panel
  • Floating suction skimmer (SK-80) with screen and vacuum delivery hose
  • Free standing waste oil reservoir
  • Onsite plant commissioning and operator training


  • Compliant Discharge. Removal of free-floating hydrocarbons (TPH reduction) for compliant discharge of treated water to environment
  • Simple Design. Vertical tube coalescing (VTC) technology with minimal moving parts and ability to deal with varying raw water quality without the need for adjustment or calibration
  • Ease of Maintenance. Easy access removable lids and lightweight VTC pack allows easy removal for cleaning without the use of a crane
  • Fast Delivery. MAK Water standard equipment design with 9-week manufacturing lead time