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MAK Water has expanded into the Municipal industry as a technology provider. We have strategically partnered with US and European OEM's who…
20 Jul 2018

Product Spotlight: Municipal Industry Expansion

OUR industrial water recycling systems and wastewater treatment plants are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. The treatment systems…
6 Jun 2018

Clearing up Water Clarification

MAK Water operates a large hire fleet of Reverse Osmosis/Desalination, Wastewater Treatment and Filtration plants, which are available for short…
30 Apr 2018

Did you know MAK Water has a Hire Fleet?

MAK Water is pleased to announce the significant milestone of four years without a lost time injury (LTI). Based in…
14 Feb 2018

MAK Water Safety Achievement: Four Years LTI-Free

Sewage, not a topic likely to come up in conversation at the table over Christmas dinner this year. However, MAK…
12 Dec 2017

Interesting Design Features of MAK Water’s Sewage Treatment Plants

For many companies algae blooms in their wastewater lagoons can be dramatic and are a result of excess nutrients from…
12 Dec 2017

How to Prevent Algae Blooms in Wastewater Lagoons

With the wet season fast approaching, it’s a good time to check over the cyclone plan for your water treatment…
5 Nov 2017

Prepare Your Water Treatment Plant For the Next Cyclone

Australia has some of the most beautiful waterways and coastal landscapes in the world so it is imperative that we…
25 Oct 2017

Storm Water Diversion Systems

What is the Right Maintenance Model for your STP? The right maintenance plan can save Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) owners…
28 Sep 2017

What is the Right Maintenance Model for your STP?

MAK Water is pleased to announce the release of a new series of packaged sewage treatment plants (STPs): Activated Sludge…
28 Sep 2017

New Product Release: Activated Sludge Bioreactor

Wash Bays or Wash Down Facilities (include, but are not limited to): Earthmoving, heavy vehicle, harvesting and other washing down…
11 Sep 2017

How to select the right equipment in your wash bay

With the population growing and more and more people wanting to live in rural communities, smaller towns and companies are…
1 Aug 2017

5 Common Problems with Sewage Treatment Plants

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