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What is the Right Maintenance Model for your STP? The right maintenance plan can save Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) owners…
28 Sep 2017

Blog: What is the Right Maintenance Model for your STP?

MAK Water is pleased to announce the release of a new series of packaged sewage treatment plants (STPs): Activated Sludge…
28 Sep 2017

New Product Release: Activated Sludge Bioreactor

Wash Bays or Wash Down Facilities (include, but are not limited to): Earthmoving, heavy vehicle, harvesting and other washing down…
11 Sep 2017

Blog: How to select the right equipment in your wash bay

With the population growing and more and more people wanting to live in rural communities, smaller towns and companies are…
1 Aug 2017

Blog: 5 Common Problems with Sewage Treatment Plants

Water recycling is a necessary activity to ensure effective management of water resources. As water demands across the country increase…
31 Jul 2017

Blog: Environmental Regulations for Sewage Treatment Plants

Onsite treatment and reuse of water from wash bays and wash down facilities is a sustainable way of reducing liquid…
11 Jul 2017

Blog: Know the Guidelines for Wash Bay Water Recycling? MAK Water Does.

[img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/899/2017/06/blog_170608_02.jpg" class="aligncenter"] Founded in 2003, MAK Water grew from being a maintenance provider for water treatment plants mostly in…
6 Jun 2017

Blog: MAK or not, we have got you covered

For many companies wastewater is an annoying by-product of their process and needs to be dealt with in order to…
15 May 2017

Blog: Selecting The Right Wastewater Treatment System

[img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/899/2017/04/Watering-WA-Initiative-r1.jpg" class="aligncenter" alt="MAK Water’s Services"] Photo courtesy of the Department of Water Regional communities can apply for up to…
19 Apr 2017

MAK Water’s Services Now Part Of The Watering WA Initiative

MAK Water is proud to be part of Australia’s newest gold mine, the Gruyere Gold Project in Laverton, Western Australia.…
27 Mar 2017

Australia’s Newest Gold Project

The Whanganui River in New Zealand’s north island has just been granted the same rights as a citizen. The river…
20 Mar 2017

Blog: A Pristine 145 Kilometre River in The South Pacific Just Received Human Rights

Water is the most important resource to humankind. In some form or another it is used and consumed by every…
24 Feb 2017

Blog: Wastewater Wrongly Named

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