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Gross Pollutant Trap


MAK Water’s Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) treats rain and storm water runoff from hardstand or car park areas. The GPT protects the storm water system and the surrounding environment from contaminants such as silt, hydrocarbons, and other debris that can accumulate and be washed off of hardstand and car park areas.
MAK Water GPTs are a cost effective alternative to larger concrete GPTs, which are more expensive to purchase and more time consuming to install.

Standard Specifications

Moulded from a selected grade of polyethylene, MAK Water GPTs are light and easy to install. The external ribbed design provides support and strength to resist external forces from backfilling while reducing the risk of floatation.

Overall Dimensions (mm): 1,400 x 838 x 1,200

The unit utilises a triple action filtering process incorporating a ‘V’ Shaped Screen and a positive baffled separation sump fitted with a tray to remove silt and sediment. High level sediment option with Silt Basket available with B Grate only.

The outlet pipe blister is 400mm wide with a multi-size boss and socket arrangement permitting pipes of varying sizes to be connected using rubber sleeves and stainless steel worm drive clips. This allows pipe cover of 300mm for 300NB and 225NB pipes and 330mm cover to the 150NB connection.

MAK Water GPT Risers can be used if the depth to the pipe needs to be greater. This simply drops into the rim of the pit and locks over the lip.

To find out more about our Clearmake™ Gross Pollutant Traps and how your project can benefit from them, contact MAK Water today.


Treatable Flow RateL/sec888
Maximum Flow Rate (at By-Pass)L/sec505030


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply - = Not Applicable

500L Polymer Tank
V Shaped Screen-
Silt Basket--
B Grate-
D Grate--