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Hydrocarbon Spill Control

MAK Water’s Clearmake™ Spill Control systems are an integral part of safe water treatment and containment in fuel station forecourts and other hazardous areas with potential for gross hydrocarbon spills. This specialised pre-treatment package is largely used in any hardstand area, wash bay, or fuel station sites where pre-treatment of wastewater containing hydrocarbon, silts, and solids is required and the addition of gross spill containment is necessary.

MAK Water’s Clearmake™ Spill Control systems are supplied standard with a conductive spill detection and pump run probe, a flame proof 3-phase low shear diaphragm pump, a 3-phase control panel with intrinsically safe circuitry allowing installation of electrical components in a hazardous area, and a Clearmake™ oil water separator for pre-treatment of waste water prior to discharge to sewer

Standard Operating Procedure

The spill control system operates largely in the same manner as a standard oil water separator system. Waste water is captured from the hardstand area in a holding tank for pre-treatment.

The key function and difference of this system is the use of a conductive spill/pump-run probe assembly to govern the operation of the pump and detection of gross spills. This probe is capable of sensing conductivity through water, but not through oil/hydrocarbons thus enabling the probe to determine what the influent liquid is, and whether it is safe to pump through the separator unit.

As the tank fills, the conductive spill probe assembly measures the conductivity of the influent liquid first between the low-level and reference probes, followed by the high-level and reference probes. The pump does not start until conductivity has been sensed between both the low/reference probes and the high/reference probes.

In the event of a gross spill, or a cumulative build up, typically greater than 150L, the Spill/Alarm Level Micro Float will lift prior to conductivity being sensed between the high-level and reference probes. This indicates a spill to the controller and will lock the system out from operation until the holding tank has been emptied by a waste removal contractor reset - ting the system.


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply - = Not Applicable

Instrumentation CM-SCOWS CM-SCOWS-NSW
CL1.5SS Separator
DT25EXE Diaphragm Pump
Waste Oil Reservoir
PCS3020-00201 3 Phase IS Controller -
PCS3030-00201 3 Phase IS Controller -
Conductive Spill Probe/Pump Run Assembly


Disclaimer: MAK Water is continuously updating and improving its products and services, so please contact us for more detailed information or to confirm specifications. MAK Water takes no responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of information contained within this document .