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Storm Water Management Silt Trap

MAK Water’s Clearmake™ Silt Trap treats rain and storm water runoff from open hardstand or car park areas and indoor wash bays. The Silt Trap protects the storm water system and the surrounding environment from contaminants such as silt and other debris that can accumulate and be washed off the hardstand and car park areas. The Silt Trap unit comes complete with an easily removable silt tray, which is quick and simple to maintain.


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply - = Not Applicable

Equipment CM-CST400B CM-CST400D CM-CST600B CM-CST600D
400mm Polymer Pit - -
600mm Polymer Pit - -
B Grate - -
D Grate - -
Stainless Steel Silt Basket
Optional Riser o o o o

Note: Class D Grate option: installation of this grate requires tight compaction of base and fill, with supporting concrete collar at adequate depth and reinforcing around and under pit rim to accommodate traffic loading. Please contact MAK Water for a typical installation drawing.

Disclaimer: MAK Water is continuously updating and improving its products and services, so please contact us for more detailed information or to confirm specifications. MAK Water takes no responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of information contained within this document .

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