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Storm Water Diversion Systems

October 25th, 2017

Australia has some of the most beautiful waterways and coastal landscapes in the world so it is imperative that we do all we can to minimise the risk of harmful contaminants that enter our environment. One potential risk is contaminated wastewater associated with washing down equipment such as heavy vehicles, earthmoving equipment and aircraft entering our storm water network.

How can we minimise or eliminate this risk?

MAK Water’s Clearmake™ storm water diversion systems divert wash-down, first-flush, and other contaminant fluids from wash bays and un-roofed hard-stand areas for either disposal off site, or pre-treatment prior to sewer discharge. Typically a diversion system would work in conjunction with a wastewater treatment system such as an Oil Water Separator (OWS)Gravity Clarifier (GC) or Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system. The diversion system segregates the potentially contaminated water from clean rainwater which can then be harvested or discharged to the storm water network.

Clearmake™ storm water diversion systems are also level 2 Watermark™ compliant with local discharge requirements across Australia.

MAK Water’s Clearmake™ single pit diversion valves utilise a proprietary hydraulically (water pressure) actuated diaphragm valve ensuring maximum reliability and fail-safe operation. Where required, control systems are PLC driven, customisable, and can be designed to meet intrinsically safe circuit requirements for hazardous areas.

A single pit diversion system is the most cost effective way to capture contaminated water and ensure your wash bay only sends the minimum amount of water for treatment prior to entering the sewer network, reducing the trade waste discharge fees.

What can MAK Water do?

MAK Water has over 25 years’ of experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of water treatment plants and can supply a system exactly tailored to your needs.

MAK Water works collaboratively with each client to review site specific requirements and define the best treatment process in order to ensure regulations are met. Where practical we will take a sample of the water that needs treatment and undertake bench tests to verify that it contains the expected contaminants and then recommend a suitable treatment process. Whatever the requirement is, we have a solution ready to implement.

MAK Water designs and manufactures a wide range of technologies typically used for wash bay applications, including:

All of these systems can be designed to treat the water for disposal or for recycling. View our project experience here.

Understanding the nature of your raw water is imperative in order to come up with a fit for purpose solution. MAK Water has an array of different treatment technologies to suit your needs. For Smart Water Solutions, contact MAK Water on 1300 669 032 to discuss the most appropriate water treatment solution for your business.

Jon Keenan-Smith, MAK Water Technical Sales and Branch Manager