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Demineralised Water Reverse Osmosis (DMRO)

Manufacturing, Mining

Hamersley Ranges, Western Australia


The power plant supplying power to one of Australia’s largest mining companies required demineralised water, with electrical conductivity of <1 µm/cm, for use in compressor washing, chilled water system makeup, and the fuel oil centrifuge.

As the power plant was in an isolated remote location a robust solution to suit the harsh environment was required MAK Water was asked to provide a plant with client-specific engineering and documentation standards.  


MAK Water offered a containerised two pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant with pre-RO carbon filtration and caustic dosing, and post-RO mixed bed ion-exchange polishing filtration for guaranteed long-term performance of the plant.

Containerisaed Solution

  • Ease of on-site installation
  • Easily transportable
  • Protection from harsh conditions

Two Pass RO Plant

  • Robust design to ensure compliance with the treated water specification with varying feed water supply.
  • Ion exchange resin for treated water polishing and pH stabilisation.

client-specific engineering AND documentation

  • Customised documentation package.
  • Compliance with client-specific electrical and mechanical engineering standards.


  • Quick response. The RO plant was designed and delivered in only 10 weeks.
  • After sales support. Laboratory testing was provided to ensure treated water compliance, with the service and maintenance provided by MAK Water’s local service office.