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Multimedia Filtration and Sterilisation


Sunshine Coast, Queensland


The University of the Sunshine Coast initiated a project to optimise the water efficiency of their campus and reduce its environmental footprint. As well as a number of water recycling initiatives, the University identified new water sources and appropriate treatment technologies.  One of these opportunities was to use water stored in an on site dam to supply cooling towers and maintain water levels in swimming pools.


MAK Water (trading as Clearmake at that time) worked in partnership with the University to design, manufacture, install and commission a custom system that would produce water of a potable (drinking) water quality:

Custom Engineered solution

  • Solution tailored to treat the dam water
  • The client’s engineering standards were integral in the design
  • Robust process design

potable (drinking) water quality

  • The process removes suspended solids and metals prior to ion exchange and sterilisation.
  • Whilst the water was being used in industrial reuse the system was built to produce quality water.
  • Automated remote online water quality monitoring ensures water quality at all times.


  • Working in partnership: MAK Water’s collaborative and flexible approach to designing the water treatment plant ensured clients expectations were met and exceeded.
  • Reduction of environmental footprint: Using dam water to replace scheme water reduced both operating costs and environment footprint.
  • Replacement of scheme water. By treating the dam water the University was able to reduce its scheme water usage.