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Gravity Clarifier (GC)


Martha Cove, VIC


MAK Water designed and installed a Gravity Clarifier System to a 2,000m2 marina wash bay in Victoria.
The plant was commissioned and operational for several months, then developed complications to the discharge pit pumps, that send captured wash water into the MAK Water plant. Stones had begun to accumulate in the pit, consequently causing damage to the submergible pumps which required rebuilding.


  • Perforated mesh basket was installed to the pump pit acting as a barrier for all sized aggregate that may cause damage to the submerged pump internals
  • Mesh was installed to wash bay run off pits to act as a first stage line of defence against stone/solids ingress to pit / drain system
  • Any build-up of unwanted solids to pits are scheduled to be vacuumed out periodically as required


  • Quick response. All potential harmful debris has been removed from pit system, eliminating down time of maintenance repairs where required in an event of a ‘break down’
  • Turnkey solution. Only small size debris will be able to enter the system to be treated as design and purpose has intended
  • Lowest total operating cost. The simplicity and effectiveness of the modification has limited downtime requirements, regular assessment of build-up allows sediment removal when required.
  • Compliance. No chemicals, mechanical equipment or permanent infrastructure modifications were undertaken to achieve desired results.