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Oil Water Separator (OWS), Multimedia Filtration (MMF)


Merredin, Western Australia


As potable water supply in the region is under stress this project was designed to recycle the wastewater created by the wash bay. The client’s consultant engaged MAK Water to design and construct a suitable wash bay water recycling plant that is robust and will treat the water to comply with but in line with Department of Health Guidelines.


MAK Water’s Clearmake™ Oil Water Separator (OWS) incorporated into a water recycling system was selected for the new wash bay. Working in partnership with the consultant and the construction company, the solution components included:

Water Recycling System

  • Capable of treating 1,500 litres per hour of wash water
  • Removes hydrocarbons, silt, chemical contaminants and pathogens.
  • Chemical disinfection and tertiary filtration for reuse back into the wash bay.
  • Factory Tested, Containerised and ready for turnkey operation.
  • Multi-parameter analysis via a touchscreen Analyser monitoring TDS, Turbidity, pH, conductivity, temperature LSI and free chlorine.
  • Extensive communication choices including WIFI, Modem or Ethernet

Remote Monitoring

  • Real time observation of product quality enabling valuable feedback on system performance and compliance.


  • Lower Operating Costs: Minimal use of potable town water for wash down.
  • Safe Compliant System: Confidence in supplying safe and reliable water for wash bay use.