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Screen & Grit Removal System

Model ICE and ICE-d [-d denotes with degreasing function]

This Screen and Grit Removal Package system (model ICE), is designed to provide full screening and grit removal pre-treatment in a single packaged unit process. This machine has a flanged inlet for connection to pumped or gravity inflow, and a flanged outlet.

Influent passes through a Screw Screen that removes most of the floating and suspended materials (screenings), then passes through a sedimentation tank where heavy particles (sand and grit) settle to the bottom. Sand & grit is removed from the sedimentation tank via a system of screws. A horizontal shaftless grit conveying screw transports settled grit to sump.

Grit is removed from the sump via a shafted extraction screw which lifts the grit from the tank, for discharge into a bin. A blower can be installed as an option in the sedimentation tank, to assist with fluidising the settled sand & grit, and to provide classification, for easier removal by the extraction screw. As an option, this system can also be configured to remove fats, oils and grease (model ICE-d).

The Screw Screen in this Compact System offers all the design and operational features, as well as options of a Screw Screen. Screen elements consist of perforated holes in plates with aperture range 3 to 7 mm. The Compact System is available in various sizes, and can treat flows up to 150 L/s.

Key features of the Complete Compact Screen and Grit Removal Package System include:

  • Low odour. All foul air is contained, and can be extracted and treated readily.
  • Small footprint
  • Minimal civil works required
  • Ease of installation

Complete Compact Screen & Grit Removal Package systems being manufactured

Click here to download the Complete Compact System data sheet