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Compact Screen & Grit Removal Package

Model ICE 

This primary treatment machine provides screening and grit removal in a single compact process package plant.

First, the untreated sewage passes through a screw screen that removes the larger floating and suspended materials (screenings). The screened sewage then travels through a sedimentation tank where sand and heavier particles (grit) settle, for removal by a system of screws.

As an option, this system can be configured to remove fats, oils & grease (FOG).

Key features:

  • Washing & compaction of screenings
  • Extraction of sand
  • Many options including FOG removal (on ICEd version)


Key Advantages:

  • No odours
  • Small footprint & minimal civil works
  • Low operating costs and maintenance
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Low organic matter in the solid residue extracted
  • Reduction up to 40% in volume of solids removed



Treatment Capacity*L/s102030456080100120150
Inlet/outlet flange*2DN200200250250300350400450500
Empty weightkg1,1001,2501,4001,9502,2002,3502,8006,8007,200
Screw screen in tankScreen model*SSB-mK160260390390610610830830830
Loading basket Ømm273356456456616616712712712
Shaftless screw for transport & compaction219219219219323323323323323
Gear reducer speedrpm1111111188888
Screw inclinationdeg˚353535353535353535
Grit systemHorizontal transport shaftless screw Ømm180180180280280280280280280
Shafted extraction screw168168168219219219219273273
Horizontal screw gear reducer speed rpm555555555
Extraction screw gear reducer speed555555555
Installed power*4K1kW0.550.550.550.550.550.550.550.750.75
K4 (ICEd model only)0.250.370.370.370.370.370.370.370.37
Blower motor (optional) 0.250.750.750.750.750.751.11.11.1

*1Theoretical, calculated using clean water; reference design basis: influent TSS 500 mg/L with up to 0.5% grit; typical performance: up to 90% removal efficiency for grit particles >200 μm and density > 1,650 kg/m3, *2Flanges are lap joint max 15mm thick with holes P10 according to EN1092-1, *3Refer to MAK Water product data sheet SSB-mK for more details, *4Based on machine configuration, motor power could be different


EquipmentStandard SupplyOptional Supply
Screw screen in tankRounded holes screen elementØ5mm aperture-
Custom aperture (3, 4, 5, 6 ,7 or 10mm)-
Integrated screenings compaction-
Screen basket cleaning, bolted nylon brushes-
PE breathing valve on screen tank-
PE pipe for returning liquid from compaction zone-
Squared outlet spout-
Bolted screenings compaction system cover-
Lifting eyebolts-
Nord drives with compact motor gearboxes and cover guards-
Machine carpentry,
inlet & outlet flanges
and drive guards 
SS304L, bolts A2 (SS304)-
SS316L, bolts A4 (SS316)-
Bypass Chamber with 10mm manual bar screen-
Overflow from tank with flange -
All screws / anti-wear
material (bolted plates
on screws)
High-carbon steel painted / SS304L-
SS304L / SS304L-
SS316L / SS316L-
WashingCompaction zone only, with ½” manual valve-
Compaction zone with ½” manual valve and screening basket with 1” manual valve-
Compaction zone with ½” manual valve and for grit with ½” manual valve-
Compaction zone with ½” manual valve and screening basket with 1” manual valve and for grit with ½” manual valve -
Air blower system for grit*1-
Automatic Longopac bagging systems for screenings and grit with 1x 80m long bag each-
Drive motors premium efficiencyIP55 -
IP65 with thermistor overload protection-
Surface treatments*2-

*1Standard air blower system includes: motor TEFC premium efficiency IP55 with thermistor, 1” fittings with SS hoses, retention valve, pressure valve, pressure switch, suction filter, wiring & full installation, outdoors side installation, no additional protective covering, *2Stainless steel parts: stripping with acid solution, passivation with glass particles, final surfaces cleaning with anti-dust oil. Carbon steel parts: sandblasting SA 2.5 for external anti-rust paint RAL 5015

Instrumentation & ControlsStandard SupplyOptional Supply
Safety limit switches for screen opening hatches-
Screen tank level sensor Conductive probe-
Solenoid valve kit(s) for selected washing system(s)-
Wiring of all equipment and instrumentation to a junction box-
Control Panel, for external installation-