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Plant and Process Optimisation

Treatability Testing

Whether you are interested in industrial water reuse, removing a specific contaminant, or attempting to treat your wastewater for the first time, our treatability testing gives us the data required to develop a program that effectively treats your industrial process water to meet (and exceed) your goals.

After testing is conducted, you will receive a full treatability report that explains our testing parameters, recommended treatment program, and even an overview of the system design (if a system is necessary for the treatment program).

Sampling and regulatory compliance

For more than a decade, MAK Water has specialised in providing regulatory compliance services to municipal and privately-owned water and wastewater professionals. By focusing our expertise to meet the growing compliance needs of system operators, we are able to cost effectively design and deliver client specific solutions to simplify regulatory compliance processes.

With a goal of delivering a consistently high level of service for each client, we have earned a solid reputation for performance and reliability from clients across Australia.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Drinking water management
  • Legionella Management
  • Recycled Water Management

Performance Audits

MAK Water offers detailed independent process audits on industrial effluent, sewage treatment, and Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination plants. Our experts visit and carry out a detailed onsite survey and submit an impartial audit report covering areas such as asset condition, risk analysis, plant behaviour and performance under different operational regimes.

The detailed survey can highlight inefficiencies in the plant operation and distribution systems, which means there is usually a great potential to improve the efficiency of the plant and processes, increasing productivity and the bottom line. MAK Water through its operation and maintenance experts can suggest ways of improving plant performance, reducing energy costs, and increasing productivity.


Our knowledgeable and experienced technical team are always available to offer guidance and support to those clients that hold Service Agreements with us, having 24 hour, seven day a week dedicated, direct access to this important facility.

Training forms an integral part of our turnkey design service and is essential in enabling you to gain ownership and understand the needs of your new equipment such that you can enjoy continuous high performance from your new plant.

We are happy also however to provide hands on site, or equipment specific training, on request, to support initial fault finding and create a greater understanding & appreciation of the technology you are managing on a day to day basis.

Plant simulation and modelling

As there are many variables to water treatment plant design our engineers utilise the latest software to design, build/ upgrade our systems, and continually refine and optimise our equipment to ensure your costs are kept down and energy use is minimised.

Some of the software our teams utilises includes:

  • BioWin
  • IMS (Integrated Membrane Solutions) Design
  • ROSA (Reverse Osmosis System Analysis)