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Tourism and Leisure

New South Wales


A western Sydney Caravan park that has been established for over 40 years was having issues with their old WWTP. Problems with the system included poor control of equipment, bad odour particularly during peak times and heavy solids carry over.
The local council required the system to be improved for it to be able to continue to discharge its effluent.

MAK Water initially went to site to investigate the problems and provide a report and recommendation.
The recommendations from the report included replacement of the electrical control panel, upgrade of the air supply and addition of coagulant dosing for TSS and TP control, which were later installed as the most cost effective solution. 


Upgrade of existing infrastructure equipment

new control panel

  • Adjustable control relays for aeration
  • Control of wasted sludge for control of sludge age
  • Control of chemical dosing for TSS and TP

New aeration system

  • Increased air supply using a submersible aerator to meet influent demand
  • Adjustable aeration times for control of Nitrification and Denitrification

Solids management

  • Introduction of coagulant dosing
  • New waste sludge pump and tank


  • The Smart Water People – MAK Water was engaged due its local service capability in Sydney. MAK Water’s ability to quickly work through complex issues and find a cost effective solution acceptable to the owner and the local council’s trade waste team
  • No odour complaints. The upgrade of the air supply has resolved the issues that were causing the odour
  • Compliance. Local council has since inspected the upgrade and signed off for the park to continue to operate.